Information about ARATC

Updated: 2017-04-27

Mechanical and biological waste treatment plantsnin Takniskiai, Alytus district (2016)

Waste management in Alytus region is one of the priority areas of environmental protection. Alytus County administration submitted a project proposal in order to receive international financial support for the creation of regional waste management system in accordance with the EU requirements. In order to find out lowest costs for the improvement of the quality of waste management system and level of services, the feasibility study was prepared. The biggest attention is paid on the collection of household waste, recycling, landfill management and creation of the system for the management of hazardous waste.

Local authorities are responsible for the management of waste, except the management of hazardous and radioactive waste. Implementation of regional waste management system requires cooperation of local authorities. The regional waste management plan was developed by Alytus County administration in cooperation with local authorities. The main goal of the Plan is to coordinate activities of local authorities while organizing household waste management system and establishing waste management installations that will be in use by several municipalities.

JSC Alytus region waste management center (in Lithuanian – UAB Alytaus regiono atlieku tvarkymo centras) was established in 2002 on the basis of cooperation agreement between the Councils of 7 municipalities – Alytus city, Alytus district, Prienai district, Birstonas, Druskininkai, Varena district and Lazdijai district municipalities.

Closed landfill and composting site in Takniskiai, Alytus district (2016)

One of the main goals of the JSC Alytus region waste management center is to implement Alytus region waste management system development project and manage it. The Center as organizer of the waste management system in the region overtook step-by-step responsibilities of local authorities. These responsibilities include development of municipal and regional waste management plans, preparation of local legal acts on waste management, waste collection, purchasing of the exploitation services of waste management objects, signing and control of agreements, collection and registration of data on waste flows, collection of waste management related taxes.